Be-103 is a light multipurpose twin-engine amphibious aircraft, intended for:

  • business and passenger transportation;
  • tourism and recreation;
  • coastal and maritime patrol;
  • ecological monitoring of waterways;
  • maritime search and rescue;
  • rendering urgent medical aid;
  • fishery reconnaissance;
  • forestry monitoring and fire patrol.
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The Be-103 light multipurpose amphibious aircraft is a monoplane with low-set water-displacement wing with a root strake, all-moving horizontal tail located in the propeller blow zone, and tricycle landing gear.

A unique feature of the amphibious aircraft includes implementation of a water-displacement wing concept, which improves seaworthiness and stability when moving on water. Power plants are two IO-360ES4 piston engines made by Teledyne Continental Motors (USA) each rated at 210 h.p. The engines are mounted on horizontal pylons on both sides of the hull above the rear part of the center wing section, providing protection to the propellers against water spray during take-off and landing on water. The aircraft is fitted with MTV-12-D-C-F-R (M) variable-pitch three-blade reversible propellers.

The low-set wing (in relation to hull) provides for wing-in-ground effect during take-off and landing. Thanks to this feature the aircraft does not need flaps and can skim on the wing trailing edges. This also makes aircraft construction simpler.

The hull is wide enough to provide a comfortable cabin for passengers and sufficient space for cargo and luggage.

There are a total of 6 seats (1 pilot/5 passenger).

When in basic configuration, the aircraft is fitted with flight/navigation equipment for Visual Flight Rules (VFR). At customer's option, the aircraft may be fitted with flight/navigation equipment for Instrument Flight Rules (IFR). The aircraft meets Russian Air Regulations AĻ-23 and FAA (FAR 23) requirements.